О компании

Framesi - всемирно известный производитель профессиональной продукции для парикмахеров.
An idea. A dream. The courage to believe in it and make it come true. With the mere support of family and friends, an Italian story of passion and determination began. And an exclusive alliance with hairdressers, which will never fail, was born as well.
Personal touch, contemporary entrepreneurship, cosmopolitan style. Constant growth in the name of excellence. Well aware of its strong roots, Framesi finds, experiments and provides more and more advanced solutions to the market in terms of products, services, marketing and fashion.
Anticipating the hairdresser's needs and supporting the success of the salon with latest-generation formulas, tools and training activities. The pioneering attitude of the origins remains the key to a mission that is research and development of new products and opportunities always dedicated to today's and tomorrow's hairdressers.